Big Green Dream Competition – Terms & Conditions

  1. All schools in Scotland, and England and Wales are eligible to enter the Big Green Dream Competition (the “Competition“) on behalf of its pupils in year S1 – S2 in Scotland and Year 7 and 8 in England and Wales.
  2. Entry to the Competition must be made by the relevant school on behalf of the year groups noted in clause 1. Only one Entry is permitted per school and each entering school shall be considered an “Entrant“. The Entrant shall ensure that they have obtained the necessary consent from each staff member and a parent or guardian of each pupil who in each case is to participate in the Competition Entry (as defined below) to use his/her name, image or photograph in connection with promotional activities and use of the Entry – including promoting the competition, and announcing the finalists and winners. Each Entrant shall notify the Promoters immediately if it has not obtained the required consent under this clause by 31 December 2017.
  3. To enter the Competition Entrants must provide the following submissions in answer to the questions “What is your school’s Big Green Dream and how could you make it a reality with £10,000 from the Green Energy Trust?”

a. a creative submission prepared by the pupils of the Entrant showing the school’s “big green dream” for the school to help the environment (for example drawings, videos, collages, poems or paintings); and

b. a 250-500 word statement from a teacher of the Entrant to explain how the school could make the “big green dream” reality and help the environment with £10,000. The idea must be realistic for the specified budget.

The submissions together with a completed Competition Entry Form (as defined below) shall be considered an “Entry“.

  1. Original artwork can be produced in any material. Original prose may be recorded in any format. All postage costs must be covered by the Entrant.
  2. Entries must be submitted with a completed official entry form which is available online at biggreendream.co.uk (the “Competition Entry Form“). Any Entry submitted without the Competition Entry Form, Part A or Part B of Clause 3 will not be a valid entry and will therefore not be counted. The Promoters shall not be responsible for late, lost or delayed entries or network computer hardware or software failures of any kind that may delay or restrict entry to the competition.
  3. Entries may be submitted online via biggreendream.co.uk or by post to Big Green Dream, c/o Stripe Communications, 86 Commercial Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6LX.
  4. Completing and submitting an Entry indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Entrant.
  5. The Competition opens for entry from 8 November 2017. The deadline for receiving entries is midnight on 31 December 2017.
  6. Entrants can upload as many creative supporting materials as they wish.
  7. Entries will be judged by the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust and an independent judge on their creative merits and relevance to the requirement to demonstrate the school’s Big Green Dream. Judging will consider the following criteria:

a. The creative entry will be assessed on the adherence/appropriateness to the Big Green Dream theme, clarity of idea, visual design, and overall artistic impression.

b. The written submission from a teacher will be assessed on adherence/appropriateness to the Big Green Dream theme, clarity of idea, and whether it is achievable with a donation of £10,000 or less.

c. These criteria will have a rating system out of 5 for each aspect of the criteria. An average will be taken for each section as a combined score. The top 13 entries will become the shortlist and assigned First Prize, Runner-up Prize or Shortlist Prize (as described below).

  1. The ScottishPower Green Energy Trust and the independent judge appointed by the Promoter will pick 13 winning schools. One Entrant will receive the top prize of £10,000 (“First Prize”). Four runner-up Entrants will receive £5,000 (“Runner-up Prize) and eight shortlisted Entrants will receive £1,000 (“Shortlist Prize“). Each winning Entrant shall be known as a “Winner” and each prize shall be known as a “Prize“. Winners will be chosen at the sole discretion of the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust judges.
  2. The judges’ decisions will be final and binding in all matters. Full names of the judges may be provided on request.
  3. Winners will be notified by Stripe Communications (the PR agency of ScottishPower and the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust, which is coordinating the competition) using the contact information provided by the Winner no later than 31 January 2018. If Stripe Communications is unable to contact any Winner, or if any Prize is not claimed within 28 days of being notified then the Winner will be deemed to have forfeited their Prize and the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust reserves the right to determine a new Winner for that Prize.
  4. The Winner Entrant name, location and (if appropriate) pupil and staff names of Winners will be posted on biggreendream.co.uk from January 2018.
  5. Prizes shall be paid to all Winners by the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust within 28 days of the Winner being notified. There will be no alternative to the prizes. The Prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable. All prize money must be spent on achieving the school’s Big Green Dream or other relevant activity directly linked to improving the environmental impact of the school.
  6. Entrant submissions may be displayed at any ScottishPower premise or at any event hosted by the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust. All Entries will be retained and owned by the Promoters indefinitely, although any items of personal data will be removed from the entries when they are no longer required for the purposes they were collected.
  7. The Promoters are not obliged to enter into any communication or correspondence regarding winning or unsuccessful Entries.
  8. The Promoters will not be liable for any loss, damage, liabilities, personal injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by any Entrants or Winner in connection with the Competition, except where it is caused by the negligence of the Promoters or that of their employees. The Promoters bear no responsibility for incomplete or delayed Entries.
  9. The Promoters reserves the right to cancel the Competition at any stage if it considers such action necessary, or for reasons beyond the Promoters’ reasonable control, and the Promoters will have no liability to the Entrants in respect of any such cancellation.
  10. By entering the competition, each Entrant, on behalf of its pupils and staff, grants the Promoters, Stripe Communications, and all the Promoters’ media partners an irrevocable, perpetual licence to reproduce, enlarge, publish or exhibit, mechanically or electronically on any media worldwide (including the internet) the Entrant’s
  11. Entrants shall not object to any cropping or other minor alteration of the photographs of their artwork when used outside the remit of this Competition – e.g. to promote the competition, marketing, publicity, online, displaying in ScottishPower’s offices, etc.
  12. By entering the Competition, the Entrant confirms that the child’s or children’s artwork that has been submitted:

a. is their own original work;

b. all copyright, and any other intellectual property rights are vested in the child and they have not assigned, licensed or disposed of or otherwise encumbered any of their rights in the artwork; and

c. the Entry does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party and the Entrant will indemnify the Green Energy Trust, ScottishPower and Stripe Communications against any claims made against the Green Energy Trust, ScottishPower and Stripe Communications by any third parties in respect of such infringement.

  1. There is no charge to enter the Competition. However, all materials and costs for the production and submission of an Entry shall be provided and met by the Entrant.
  2. The promoters are the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust and ScottishPower (the “Promoters“), 320 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G3 8UR.
  3. The competition and these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed according to Scots Law.


Big Green Dream competition – privacy notice

Any personal data submitted as part of your application will be received by the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust. The ScottishPower Green Energy Trust may share your data with ScottishPower Group and Stripe Communications for the purpose of administering this Competition, informing the winners, issuing prizes and for promotional activity relating to the Competition.  Personal data will be held only as long as is reasonably required for these purposes.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Entrant is responsible for and must obtain any necessary parental/guardian consents and must provide any necessary notices informing parents/guardians about any use of personal data, including by bringing this Privacy Notice to their attention, as required in connection with the disclosure and use of personal data as described in these terms and conditions. The Entrant must ensure that consents are obtained and stored in compliance with the data protection legislation, including by making clear that consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Names, ages and schools of winning pupils of winners will be posted on biggreendream.co.uk from January 2018 and will be included alongside the winning submissions where published, exhibited or used in any press/marketing material. Your personal information will be properly safeguarded and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and any subsequent legislation which replaces it.

Any enquiries about the use of personal data relating to this competition can be addressed to: greenenergytrust@scottishpower.com for the attention of Alison McKean, Senior Environmental and Social Policy Manager at ScottishPower and Green Energy Trust Trustee.

Any enquiries about Stripe Communications’ use of personal data relating to this competition should be addressed to: biggreendream@stripecommunications.com for the attention of Shaun Bell, Senior Account Director at Stripe Communications.

Guidance on the rules around the use of personal data can be obtained from the Information Commissioner’s Office (www.ico.org.uk) and any specific concerns or complaints can be raised with them.